Verifi Identity Services Limited (“Verifi”) is a leading provider of online Electronic Identity Verification (“EV”) solutions and PEP Screening to New Zealand companies requiring name, date of birth and address verification of their customers.

Verifi was founded by legal and financial services professionals Tyler McNamee and Vincent McCartney, and interactive pioneers Karl von Randow and Matthew Buchanan of Cactuslab. Together they provide over 20 years of global financial services experience and 30 years of cutting-edge yet functional and accessible web solutions.

Prior to co-founding Verifi, Tyler & Vincent worked on Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”) and EV solution implementations across the globe, including in Australia and the UK. This experience is now being brought to the New Zealand market to cater to the requirements of New Zealand businesses needing to comply with the Amended Identity Verification Code of Practice 2013 or simply wishing to confirm the identity of their clients in order to reduce the risk of fraud.

Karl and Matthew have a gloried and award-winning history in standards-based website and application development. It is this design expertise and knowledge of best-practice web implementation that helps make Verifi unique in providing a modern, integrated EV solution for your organisation, with full control over which data sources you check against, and the ability to customise the experience with your company branding and colour scheme.

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