Accounting Firm Optimises Client Processing & Saves Thousands Using Cloudcheck© is a boutique property accounting firm in the heart of Auckland, providing a complete online accountancy solution to their clients.  

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Starting with a basic service of Cloudcheck Direct, four years later they’ve adopted almost every Cloudcheck service and say that doing so has enabled their business to save thousands of dollars. By passing the verification cost on to their customer and by implementing Cloudcheck’s automated identification system, their AML team has been able to focus on other aspects of AML and work more cost-effectively.

Garreth Collard, Managing Director, describes Cloudcheck as follows:

‘’Cloudcheck has allowed us to grow as our needs have grown, and still remains cost effective.’’

He also added:

“Cloudcheck allowed us to ‘dip our toes’ in the water of the ‘online identity verification world’, without the pressure of purchasing multiple databases and features that we didn’t need - unlike most other providers we had looked at using.” originally started AML processes eight months prior to being legally required to, so Cloudcheck was an essential part of their journey.  

Utilising Cloudcheck Direct, (web portal) Cloudcheck Go (client self-verification) and Cloudcheck Live (biometric checks) with local and international databases, has enabled to have a robust system to protect them against fraud, AML and CFT risks all in one go. had originally hired a part-time member of staff to assist with their compliance, then another part-timer to further assist. With costs mounting, they looked at where further reductions could be made. At that point, they were introduced to Cloudcheck Pay, an option which allowed them to pass the verification fee directly on to their clients.

Garreth explains how Cloudcheck has allowed them to make savings across the board:

‘’At first, I was sceptical - as this was a cost we had always covered - but after researching, found that this was normal practise in the industry and gave it a go.

Clients were happy to pay a small fee to verify themselves; Cloudcheck provides a fair price for the end user, so there were no issues; no clients mentioned this as something they were uncomfortable about, so we kept it.”

Garreth adds, regarding the overall cost to

''The whole service is more cost-effective than hiring another part-timer to assist with KYC; and this employee is now able to work on actual accountancy and receive further training.’’

We asked Garreth what aspect of joining Cloudcheck he most enjoyed. Garreth responded:

“Cloudcheck have always made time for us, whether it was training new employees on the system, or just getting back to emails quickly – we know we aren’t one of the biggest players in the game (yet),” Garreth optimistically jokes,

“but Cloudcheck have always made sure to treat us as through we were. No problem was too big or too small, they were instantly available to meet requests, both service and communication.

Looking back on the journey, I have an overwhelming sense of relief that we made the right decision to do business with Cloudcheck.”

Cloudcheck works based on your business needs and risk requirements, with the option for a basic identity checks service, alongside any add on you may need, we can provide a tailored package that’s suitable for your business.  

If you would like more information about how Cloudcheck can save your business time and money, or a Two-week Free Trial, contact us today at or call on (NZ) 0800 283 743, (AUS) 1300 849 290