Electronic identity verification (EV) and AML services for businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

Know your customer made easy.

Cloudcheck is Verifi’s award-winning electronic ID solution, that encompasses age verification, anti- money laundering, counter-terrorism and biometric identification, which will help your company comply with legislation while elevating the trust inherent in your brand.

Partnering with Verifi has saved our customers time, money and afforded them greater flexibility through customisable branding and feature selection.

We offer…

  • Branded or non-branded web-based dashboards for your staff and your customers
  • Verification via email or SMS
  • API and third-party integration solutions

Five reasons to get started with Cloudcheck.

  • Easy to use
  • Customisable
  • Industry’s best pricing
  • Fits businesses of all sizes
  • Free two-week trial

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