Biometrics - What are biometrics and how do they work?

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You’re probably using biometrics every day already!

From photo tagging on social media, to unlocking your phone with facial recognition, biometrics have become an intrinsic part of our everyday lives. We rely on them to access places of work, our devices and social media, along with keeping our personal information safe. Biometrics are one of the most secure ways to protect against fraud (be it on personal devices or in business) and the technology is advancing every year, becoming more recognisable in everyday society out of necessity.


How do biometrics work?

Through machine learning and quantifying of facial features, biometrics utilises learnt information from an image or video to map out facial proportions and create a predicted image in ratio of a person’s unique and distinctive facial characteristics, and therefore, verify them based on a  percentage score in which their face matches the comparison image.

In some use cases (for example, facial tagging on social media), this is reference to a prior stored database of images (where the recognised face is already held and mapped) is referenced when this face next appears. In such cases, the person whose face is defined for recognition will have provided consent for the images to be stored and recognised (but as so many of us know, we often don’t read all the T&C’s that come with social media accounts).

In other cases, there is no existing database of images and confirmation of identity verification will require the person to take a live photo, which will be compared to a reference photo on an identity document such as a Passport or a Driver License Verification.

Why do biometrics work for security verification process?

Photo biometrics take advantage of cutting-edge technology to compare a person’s individual characteristics, facial landmarks and proportions through machine learning and mapping, to provide a percentage comparison score. This process is incredibly difficult to mimic or subvert by a person if they are not the authorised persons or matching the identity they are claiming to be.


Biometric identity verification through Cloudcheck Live

Cloudcheck Live allows you to use biometrics to verify your customer’ identity in compliance with AML/CFT provisions, wherever they are. The process only takes a few minutes, and you will receive a real-time confirmation of your customers verification status immediately after completion.

We can verify individuals against over 30 databases, from a variety of countries to ensure they are who they say they are.

Using Cloudcheck Live, simply send your customer a secure link via text or email, which will direct them to Cloudcheck Live where we will instruct them how to easily complete the process. Your client will have the option to verify themselves on the device they are using or switch to a device with a better-quality camera via a secure QR code.

You will also have the option (through Cloudcheck Live+) to request additional identification information that you wish to acquire; for example – you may wish to use biometrics in conjunction with a utility bill or an additional paper-based source to confirm the persons address, depending on your customer due diligence and risk requirements.

By providing clients with a link to a secure biometric platform and allowing them to simply and easily carry out the process themselves, you can save time and money by avoiding the need to meet in person with the customer for a verification check and simply receive the results online, instantly.

If you would like any further information on Cloudcheck Live’s biometric system to securely verify your customers, you can contact us today on (NZ) 0800 283743 or (AUS) 1300 849 290 or email