Cloudcheck Exhibiting at the AML Summit!

We are exhibiting at the AML Summit networking event 13th & 14th May 2021. Come and visit us in the west wing – We look forward to meeting you!

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We are excited to be exhibiting at the AML Summit 2021, at the Auckland War Memorial Museum, giving us the fantastic opportunity to network with members of the industry and to understand their business needs. The event will be addressing issues the industry faces, offering guidance sessions and how to combat difficult AML problems.

With contribution to AML’s Summit discussions from Cloudcheck’s Managing Director, Vincent McCartney, amongst 13 other industry leading speakers, 4 engaging workshops and over 500+ attendees, the event will provide valuable inside knowledge and is not to be missed.

Cloudcheck is New Zealand’s leading provider of identity verification checks, using our innovative platform allows you to confirm your client’s are who they say they are, in literally seconds. With access to over 30 databases, across 5 countries and continuously monitoring over 500,000 news stories daily, we can identify your clients in a multitude of ways depending on your business needs and risk requirements. Ultimately assisting your business in becoming legally compliant with NZ & Australian AML / CFT laws and legislations.

Easy Integration and Verifying in Real-time

Cloudcheck is a flexible system, allowing you to integrate it with your current business practises through your choice of a standalone platform, with no change to your existing service - to a fully integrated API with your own branding, enabling you to access real-time data and response to your client’s application.

Whether you need to verify your clients through biometrics and facial recognition, bank details, or simply reference a legal document such as passport or driving licence, our seamless service can confirm your clients’ details in seconds – meaning you can accurately evaluate your business partners in real-time. Creating a safe, secure solution for your business.

Only pay for what you use!

At Cloudcheck, we design systems with a customer centric attitude, we take our customers’ feedback seriously and where possible we implement your requests in adapting our systems to your business requirements, alongside weekly updates to ensure efficiency.

Regardless of the data you require, whether only a few records, or a vast bulk of identity checks at once, our service reflects the needs of your business without us deciding it for you – that is why unlike other verification providers, we don’t have a minimum amount of databases required to use our services. Whether you need to verify 5 clients, or 500, we will only charge you for the data you use and if you don’t use it, we won’t charge you for it.

We understand protecting your business against AML and CFT is vital, and so is the data you rely on to do so, regardless of your business size.

Services Cloudcheck Offer:

- Cloudcheck Direct       - Cloudcheck Tree             

- Cloudcheck API           - Cloudcheck Pay

- Cloudcheck Live          - Cloudcheck Hosted

- Cloudcheck Go            - Cloudcheck Bulk

- MRZ Checks                 - Cloudcheck Forms

- Cloudcheck Bulk          - Cloudcheck SDK

- Cloudcheck Forms

Sectors We Support

We work with over 1,000 of NZ’s most respected businesses, both public and private sector from Government agencies and NZ Lotto, to Sharesies, Milford and Simpson Grierson. Working across various sectors of Financial services, Accountants, Lawyers, Real Estate and more; you can feel assured you’re working with a respected and secure verification service.

If you would like to register for a Free Trial or learn more about how Cloudcheck can assist your business with real-time identity verification checks email us at or call us on (New Zealand) 0800 2VERIFI, (Australia) 1300 849 290.

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