“Cloudcheck is the most reliable Identity Verification provider” Law Firm, Holland Beckett Law

Holland Beckett Law, the Bay of Plenty’s leading law firm, have been working with Cloudcheck for the past two years and say they chose Cloudcheck due to being the original provider offering automatic built-in PEP & Sanction checks.

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As electronic verification is an up-and-coming technology, with continuous new developments, Holland Beckett Law have since re-tested other providers to ensure Cloudcheck is still leading the way with their identification methods in comparison and concluded they still provide the best overall client experience and more detailed, reliable data than other electronic verification platforms available, giving them comfort that they are always meeting the required level of compliance.

Anna Jones, Holland Beckett Law’s AML Compliance Advisor commented; 

''We trialled several providers but found Cloudcheck was able to return details with a PEP & Sanction check that other providers had missed.''

Prior to joining Cloudcheck, Holland Beckett Law solely performed in person verification. This worked efficiently for some clients that are required to  attend their offices to sign documents, but for clients which are out of their initial radius, or have little time to do so, it could be challenging.

When verifying out of town clients in person, it can often require several visits to a local ‘trusted referee’ such as a solicitor, along with multiple emails and returning documents in exchange for the correct ones requested – all of which contribute to the time a business spends onboarding a client.

Holland Beckett Law’s further afield clients have since been more satisfied – thanks to Cloudcheck’s user-friendly system that gets them up and running instantly, without the need to visit the office in person.

Anna Jones said that using Cloudcheck has made her job as AML Compliance Advisor much easier, and contributed; 

“Many of our clients opt for electronic verification instead of in person – it’s more efficient for the client and for us. It saves them the journey of having to visit a trusted referee and the verification is instant; 

Using Cloudcheck saves our staff time and our clients’ money – clients find it so easy to use, which means they can carry out the verification themselves without needing to ask for our assistance to complete the process.''

At Cloudcheck, we understand how important it is to have a thorough customer due diligence service for the security of your business, as well as the need to save time and money onboarding clients so you can focus on your core business activity.

To enquire about how Cloudcheck can save you time and money onboarding your customers, contact us today at or call us at (NZ) 0800 283743, (AUS) 1300 849290.