''I have absolutely no intention of EVER switching providers.''

Jenine Colmore-Williams, Executive Director of Dimensions GRC, renown for being a third-party AML/ CFT solution provider, specialising in Consulting, Technology and Managed Services. 

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Creating a holistic approach that takes your entire KYC (know your customer) & AML/CFT compliance process out of your hands, to ensure you can focus on your core business with peace of mind you are meeting your AML compliance obligations.

Dimensions GRC adopted Cloudcheck in 2018, when they were looking for a best-in-class provider of identity verification solutions, that could directly support the technology division of their business; enabling clients to smoothly, and securely confirm their customers are who they say they without leaving their platform. Alongside this, they wanted a provider that conformed not only legally to the requirements of holding people’s data, but also morally.

Jenine knew the capabilities she required in the software, but the challenge came when she was looking for a provider that had the same conscious respect towards consumer data, of those utilising the platform and their customers. They trialled multiple providers and found an alignment in Cloudcheck.

Jenine Colmore-Williams commented;

''Security of data, alongside a mutual, morally correct attitude was a prominent factor for us. How Cloudcheck manage data is directly ingested into our system; Cloudcheck purge all their reports after 7 days, ensuring our clients’ customers data isn’t utilised elsewhere and further allowing me to trust Cloudcheck to take responsibility of their system, so I can focus on ours.''

Another main factor for Dimensions GRC, is maintaining a customer centric view, in relation to the software and the future developments of their product. Working with a team that’s able to forecast what clients are going to need as the identity verification industry continues to expand and adopting different methods which insist on more efficient means of confirming clients’ identities.

Jenine went on to add; 

''Vincent, (Managing Director of Cloudcheck), always has his finger on the pulse, he’s always ahead of the game with technology developments.

Just recently I was considering adopting Akahu, the open banking & consumer data sharing platform that allows individuals in the compliance space to verify a customer’s identity and address at once via their bank account – and then I saw Vincent had beaten me to it...again!'' Jenine Jokes.

''Cloudcheck never sit in the background, they’re at the forefront of advancing tech, developing systems in house and sources complimentary partnerships for their clients, which directly benefit ours.''

At Cloudcheck, we actively make it part of our core business, to listen to customers pain points and create solutions. As well as ensuring our services have a customer centric feel, enabling you to maintain identity verification compliance, at an efficient rate for you and your customer. We asked Jenine, since adopting Cloudcheck, have there been any other advantages added to your services?

Jenine contributed;

''It’s halved our onboarding time, without question – before we were calling client’s customers back and forth to get the correct documents, constantly reminding them what they needed to send over. 

Now that everything’s automated with Cloudcheck Go, a system that independently walks a customer through the verification process, it’s cut our custom onboarding time in half and completely removed the human operation side of things; by speeding up this process, we’ve even been able to take on more clients at once – which effectively allows us to generate more revenue.

And of course, it’s important our clients love it so that they use it, and we’ve received nothing but positive feedback!''

Cloudcheck Live takes your out of the equation and allows you to send your customer a secure link via email verification or SMS verification, walking them through the whole process. Allowing you to step aside, with a trusted solution to onboard your clients so you can gain back the time you need, to focus on your core business.

The final factor for Jenine, was how Cloudcheck maintained a high level of jurisdiction within the identity verification industry, supplying access to government databases and watch lists, along with being able to perform MRZ and OCR checks on passports from every country. Which would further open opportunity to a range of clients that Jenine is able to verify, expanding her business greatly.

Jenine ended the interview with;

''Cloudcheck has allowed us to adapt our needs of our business have grown, from starting with the bare minimum we required, to now complementing our existing Cloudcheck Go with Cloudcheck Live biometrics system.

I have absolutely no intention of ever switching provider!''

If you would like to learn more about how Cloudcheck services, or how you can utilise a combination of Cloudcheck Go, client self-verification and Akahu, to verify clients directly through their bank account, contact us today by emailing or (NZ) 0800 283743, (AUS) 1300 849290