Milford - From onboarding just 200 clients a month, to 2000 with Cloudcheck

Milford, the highly trusted KiwiSaver & wealth management company, owned and supported by kiwis throughout New Zealand has been helping clients to manage their key investments and financial goals since 2003.

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With their tag line "Invested in you" and known for putting their clients at the forefront of what they do, this was exactly the ethos they applied when searching for an identity verification provider to onboard their clients, create efficient processes along side their existing methods and process individuals’ data in a way that is respectful to that of their client base.

Milford like many companies, were constantly facing an uphill battle with onboarding clients exceeding multiple hours, of clients needing to print & send paperwork via post – to finding a justice of the peace to sign their documents. Even once Milford received the client’s information, the documents then required review from two separate teams to ensure they had confirmed the identity of individuals correctly. Losing countless hours to paper based onboarding.

Since implementing Cloudcheck, the way Milford have been able to onboard clients has drastically changed, from hours, to just seconds and enabled them to take a much more efficient approach, increasing the scabality in the onboarding process and facilitating resource allocation to client servicing. Milford adopted Cloudcheck’s API service, providing them with a flexible integration, that plugs directly into their existing processes. All whilst allowing them to scale their onboarding verification and being customisable to their business needs.

Matthew Thomas, Operations Manager at Milford commented;

"Since adopting Cloudcheck, we’ve gone from onboarding 200 clients a month, to 2000!"

"Not only has Cloudcheck saved us hours per verification, but it’s provided security for our business. Now, we can verify a client’s identity against reliable sources, such as government databases and have knowledge our clients are who they say they are; alongside checking fraud and tampering measures all at once. – This is a lot more difficult when relying on paper-based verification."

Cloudcheck also not only gave Milford piece of mind, but their clients too. Milford expressed one of their clients’ main concerns around electronic verification is providing their personal data and what happens to this following verification. At Cloudcheck, we purge all personally identifiable data after 7 days, we don’t store it and keep it for other companies to use, as respect to the individual using it for the sole agreed purpose.

Matthew went on to add;

"And Cloudcheck have been great to work with, when we faced unique issues with verification, they built a custom solution for us and engaged with the FMA & other industry participants to ensure the tools were fit for purpose on behalf of us – knowing we may be the only ones who needed it – and that’s what’s different about working with Cloudcheck. They make actioned outcomes, not excuses."

"Continuing to use them has  given us the ability to scale up quickly, without compromising service or our onboarding obligations."

Milford joined us back in 2015, and 6 years later, are still benefiting from the ease of verifying their clients in just seconds, with an integrated API that allows them to keep a Milford process, with a Cloudcheck touch.

Vincent McCartney, Managing Director of Cloudcheck commented;

"At Cloudcheck, we take our clients’ needs onboard, and do our best to see how we could integrate them to our existing processes, so you have an identity verification system that works for you and your business requirements."

We understand that different companies, and different sectors have a range of different requirements for their verification system – that’s why we strive to create identity verification solutions, in a multitude of ways, with a variety of add on features, meaning you will most likely find exactly what you need to aid your AML/CFT process. But if you can't find what you’re looking for, we’ll do our best to understand your needs and find a way to make them a reality.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can keep your existing business processes and simply add Cloudcheck’s industry leading API integration as part of your onboarding, or any other information on our services – contact us today for a Two-week free trial and see how we can help you upscale your business with simple onboarding.