use Cloudcheck to onboard sellers and buyers remotely within 2 minutes is New Zealand’s leading owned online auction provider. Established in 2015, has removed the need for the traditional bricks and mortar offices, allowing them to reduce their costs and pass on the savings to their customers.

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Building a trusted platform for sellers and buyers was crucial to the success of Proppy’s online auction platform. With customers across New Zealand, it was apparent that a robust verification process was needed to ensure seller’s listings are legitimate and buyers are genuine. A quick onboarding process was key as customer experience is their highest priority. knew that one day real estate would be captured by New Zealand’s AML/CFT regime and wanted to future proof their onboarding process in anticipation of these future regulatory requirements.

Tyson Walker, Managing Director of said;

“It was vital that we have a fast and slick onboarding process that would also allow us to be ahead of the curve when it comes to complying with the regulatory requirements.”

Working together with Cloudcheck’s development team, was able to quickly integrate Cloudcheck’s API solution into Proppy’s platform. This integration allows to verify their users if they are interested to take further actions e.g. listing a property or placing a bid. This process also ensured has the capability needed to meet its AML regulatory requirements without needing to meet customers face-to-face or slowing down the customer’s onboarding process.

The whole integration process took just a couple of days.

As is operational nationwide with offices in 10 different regions, they needed a partner that had the ability to scale as their business grew. In the 5 years working together, has been able to grow from initially 2 people, to now an impressive 30 staff nationwide.

By working with Cloudcheck, have been able to verify and onboard their customers within minutes. As a result, they can streamline the entire property sale & purchase process and deliver a best in industry experience.

If you would like to make your client onboarding process smoother and more efficient, you can try a Two-week Free Trial enquire about Cloudcheck services today - you can email us or call us on (NZ) 0800 283743 (AUS) 1300 849 290