Cloudcheck for Accountants

Whether you see your clients in person or only interact with them electronically, Cloudcheck can be used seamlessly within your practice with minimal client disruption.

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Comply with your AML obligations

Cloudcheck can assist you in meeting your AML obligations. Electronic identity verification (EV) is permitted under Part 3 of the Amended Identity Verification Code of Practice 2013 (NZ) and by AUSTRAC (Australia).

Cost effective

Cloudcheck is a cost-effective solution that won’t eat into your bottom line, but rather help you to increase revenue by allowing you to capture the customer with a simple verification process.

You can even ask the customer to pay for the verification themselves with Cloudcheck Pay.


The last thing you want to do is make life difficult for a client that is looking for an efficient engagement with your practice. Either verify the client's details quickly in Cloudcheck Direct or have the client complete the verification in their own time using Cloudcheck Go.

ProductSuggested Uses

Cloudcheck Direct

  • Electronically verify clients on an individual basis
  • Try EV without any IT or integration work
  • PEP & Sanction screen on an ad-hoc basis

Cloudcheck Go

  • Send your remote customers a branded email and have them self-verify
  • Verify the identity of a company’s directors by sending a self-verification email to each one
  • Simplify your on-going Customer Due Diligence (OCDD) process

Cloudcheck Live

  • Satisfy yourself that you know the identity of clients you do business with
  • Simulate the face-to-face experience

Cloudcheck Pay

  • The client pays for the verification themselves via a credit card
  • Reduces your compliance and admin costs

Cloudcheck API

  • Integrate into your practice management software
  • Automatically progress your client engagement processes
  • Automate the screening of your database

Cloudcheck Bulk

  • Verify large groups in a single upload (e.g. beneficial owners or trustees)
  • Perform remedial work on your client database by verifying all details are correct via a single upload
  • Perform regular PEP & Sanction screening on your entire client base
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