Cloudcheck for FinTech

If you’re operating in the FinTech space, the last thing you want is manual process. We work with a number of FinTech companies who choose Cloudcheck for its simplicity, speed and a competitive pricing model geared towards the cashflows of startup businesses.

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Comply with your AML obligations

Cloudcheck can assist you in meeting your AML obligations. Electronic identity verification (EV) is permitted under Part 3 of the Amended Identity Verification Code of Practice 2013 (NZ) and by AUSTRAC (Australia).

Verify in under 4 seconds

The traditional method of identifying a customer is to ask them to supply original, certified documentation in order to prove their identity and residential address. This typically involves the customer spending time and effort to find a trusted referee to certify their documents before mailing them to their service provider. This method is irritating to customers and may cause them to seek other providers with more streamlined processes. Cloudcheck can verify your customer in less than 4 seconds.

Simple integration

Our modern, RESTful API is simple to integrate into your existing process, and you can start verifying your customers’ identities in just a few days. Sample code is available for a number of languages.

Reduce fraud

To further reduce fraud, enable the Cloudcheck Live add-on as part of your process and biometrically match your customer's face to their identity document and establish this important link.

Cloudcheck Live can be used as part of the identity verification process or as a stand-alone service.

ProductSuggested Uses

Cloudcheck API

  • Streamline your on-boarding by integrating the API into your application forms
  • Connect your CRM to Cloudcheck for ease of maintaining your customer records
  • Automate the screening of your database

Cloudcheck Direct

  • Electronically verify customers that fall out of your automated processes
  • Start verifying customers whilst you complete your integration work

Cloudcheck Live

  • Integrate into your online application or app and reduce fraud
  • Use with your existing customers and confirm their identities

Cloudcheck Bulk

  • Verify large groups in a single upload (e.g. beneficial owners)
  • Perform remedial work on your customer database by verifying all details are correct via a single upload
  • Perform regular PEP & Sanction screening on your entire customer base

Cloudcheck Go

  • Struggling to get identity details from a customer? Send them a branded email to self-verify
  • Verify the identity of a company’s directors by sending a self-verification email to each one
  • Simplify your on-going Customer Due Diligence (OCDD) process
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