Cloudcheck for High Value Goods Dealers

Minimise the impact on your customer by verifying their details in real-time whilst they are standing in front of you. Regardless of the size of your business, we have a pricing plan to suit your specific requirements.

Comply with your AML obligations

Cloudcheck can assist you in meeting your AML obligations. Electronic identity verification (EV) is permitted under Part 3 of the Amended Identity Verification Code of Practice 2013 (NZ) and by AUSTRAC (Australia).

Face to face simplicity

The last thing you want to do is make life difficult for a customer that is trying to trade with you right now, in cash. You can verify their details quickly in Cloudcheck Direct, this is typically completed in under 4 seconds.

Cost effective

Cloudcheck is a cost-effective solution that won’t eat into your bottom line, but rather help you to increase revenue by allowing you to capture the customer with a simple verification process.

You can even ask the customer to pay for the verification themselves with Cloudcheck Pay.

ProductSuggested Uses

Cloudcheck Direct

  • Electronically verify customers on an individual basis
  • Try EV without performing any IT or integration work
  • PEP & Sanction screen on an ad-hoc basis

Cloudcheck Pay

  • The client pays for the verification themselves via a credit card
  • Reduces your compliance and admin costs

Cloudcheck Go

  • Struggling to get identity details from a customer? Send them a branded email to self-verify
  • Verify the identity of a company’s directors by sending a self-verification email to each one
  • Simplify your on-going Customer Due Diligence (OCDD) process

Cloudcheck SDK

  • Integrate into your iOS or Android app for streamlined onboarding
  • Seamlessly reverify your existing app users
  • Integrated biometric checks within your app

Cloudcheck API

  • Streamline your on-boarding by integrating the API into your application forms
  • Connect your CRM to Cloudcheck for ease of maintaining your customer records
  • Automate the screening of your database

Cloudcheck Bulk

  • Verify large groups in a single upload (e.g. beneficial owners)
  • Perform remedial work on your customer database by verifying all details are correct via a single upload
  • Perform regular PEP & Sanction screening on your entire customer base

Cloudcheck Live

  • Integrate into your online application or app and reduce fraud
  • Use with your existing customers and confirm their identities