Cloudcheck for Real Estate

Whether you see all of your clients in person or not, using electronic ID verification can make vendor sign up process smoother and quicker.

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Comply with your AML obligations

Cloudcheck can assist you in meeting your AML obligations. Electronic identity verification (EV) is permitted under Part 3 of the Amended Identity Verification Code of Practice 2013 (NZ).

Keep it simple

Avoid making life difficult for prospective new clients. Verify each client’s details quickly and in person with Cloudcheck Direct, or send them an email (including your firm’s branding) using Cloudcheck Go, and have them perform the verification in their own time.

Verify in under 4 seconds

The traditional method of identifying a customer is to ask them to supply original, certified documentation in order to prove their identity and residential address. This typically involves the customer spending time and effort to find a trusted referee to certify their documents before mailing them to their service provider. This method is irritating to customers and may cause them to seek other providers with more streamlined processes. Cloudcheck can verify your customer in less than 4 seconds.

ProductSuggested Uses

Cloudcheck Direct

  • Electronically verify clients on an individual basis
  • Try EV without any IT or integration work
  • PEP & Sanction screen on an ad-hoc basis

Cloudcheck Go

  • Send your remote customers a branded email and have them self-verify
  • Verify the identity of a Trust's trustees & beneficiaries by sending a self-verification email or SMS to each one
  • Speed up the verification process

Cloudcheck Live

  • Satisfy yourself that you know the identity of clients you do business with
  • Simulate the face-to-face experience

Cloudcheck API

  • Integrate into your CRM
  • Eliminate double entry of data
  • Streamline your KYC process

Cloudcheck SDK

  • Integrate into your iOS or Android app for streamlined onboarding
  • Seamlessly reverify your existing app users
  • Integrated biometric checks within your app

Cloudcheck Pay

  • The client pays for the verification themselves via a credit card
  • Reduces your compliance and admin costs

Cloudcheck Bulk

  • Verify large groups in a single upload (e.g. beneficial owners or trustees)
  • Perform remedial work on your client database by verifying all details are correct via a single upload
  • Perform regular PEP & Sanction screening on your entire client base
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