Cloudcheck for Staff Vetting

Do you know the true identity and background of your staff? Get comfort in who they are by running an identity check and a PEP & Sanction check.

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PEP & Sanction Checks

Perform PEP & Sanction checks in real-time against local and international watchlists, either as part of the identity verification process or as a stand-alone process. Using data from Dow Jones, we can screen your staff for as little as $0.10 per check.

Verify authenticity quickly

Rather than believing that the identity document you have been supplied with is genuine, check its authenticity by verifying it against the corresponding Government database in just a few seconds.

Simplicity and Convenience

Why make it hard for your staff to prove their identity? Simplify your processes by allowing them to verify their identity electronically in their own time using Cloudcheck Go.