Success at LawFest for Cloudcheck!

March 30th saw us exhibiting at NZ's premier legal innovations and technology conference, LawFest!
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We recently had the pleasure of exhibiting at LawFest, at the Cordis Hotel in the heart of Auckland’s CBD. The conference presented an opportunity to network with some of the most respected leaders in the industry, to reflect on new and innovative practises brough in since the development of Covid-19 and the impact this had on the industry, with this being the first in-person LawFest for two years.

Amongst 20+ keynote speakers, 300+ attendees and 6CPD hours providing insightful learnings, we witnessed a variety of engaging and informational contributions from various legal corporations. The conference divulged into many complexities of the industries challenges through the last year, and the innovative solutions being created across the legal and technological sectors to accept and face these challenges head on.

Insight from Industry Leaders

We were delighted to attend panel discussions and talks by experts of the industry which included, Mary O’Carrol, President of CLOC and Director of Legal Operation at Google, Gus Balbontin, Executive Director and CTO of Lonely Planet, Grant Pritchard, Senior In-House Lawyer, Spark New Zealand I President, ILANZ just to name a few.

It was a fantastic opportunity to learn how some of the world’s most successful corporates operate; and how we can adapt our business, to create the most benefit to consumers by utilising similar methodologies or devising our own that these discussions have progressed and inspired.

This year it was particularly apparent how the industry came together to share their experiences and findings over the last year, as like many businesses, Covid-19 has changed the way they operate on a day-to-day basis. Expanding our network and sharing new ways to deliver both legal and technical services, allowed us to test our ideas and discuss the opportunities for the future, ensuring our business is adapting too.

Vincent McCartney, Managing Director of Cloudcheck commented;

''The event highlighted the key to a successful business for the future, is providing an invaluable service, with a client centric attitude, creating a solution to clients problems; which is a core focus of Cloudcheck’s services. Gaining feedback through LawFest and speaking directly with some of the industries most influential, allows us to do exactly that.''

Client Focused Solutions with Cloudcheck

At Cloudcheck, we create identity verification systems that work around our clients and their specific business needs, ultimately assisting them in staying compliant with NZ and Australian AML and CFT laws.

Our innovative platform allows you to confirm your clients are who they say they are, in literally seconds. With access to over 30 databases, across 5 countries and continuously monitoring over 500,000 news stories daily, we can identify your clients in a multitude of ways depending on your business needs and risk requirements. Whether it’s through biometrics and facial recognition, bank details, or driving licenses and passports.

Benefits of using Cloudcheck;

- Verify your client’s identity in just 4 seconds!

- Compare your client with over 30 databases across various countries.

- Assists your business in becoming legally compliant with NZ & Australian AML/

- Realtime Database access, immediately available to you.

- Set your own parameters to meet your businesses risk requirements.

- Only pay for the data you use, if you don’t use it, we won’t charge you. 

Cloudcheck is designed to take the pressure off your business resources by overseeing your compliancy with NZ and Australian AML /CFT Laws, freeing up your time to focus on your core business.

If you would like to register for a Free Trial or learn more about how Cloudcheck can assist your business with real-time identity verification checks email us at or call us on (New Zealand) 0800 2VERIFI, (Australia) 1300 849 290.

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