The fintech launch everyone’s been waiting for has finally arrived – Dosh, the Kiwi instant payments platform

Dosh, the Kiwi open banking platform that allows you to pay everyone and anyone instantly has announced it’s launched this week, and it’s supported by Cloudcheck.

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Dosh is New Zealand’s first digital wallet and the latest development in the fintech space, and they’ve partnered with Cloudcheck to securely identify their users.

Created by Kiwis Shane Marsh and James McEniery after experiencing digital wallets abroad, and the simplicity to making payments they bring, Dosh aims to ease transactions for people across NZ. It’s as instant as cash, without stopping at an ATM en route!

Instant payments using Dosh are made via smartphone by scanning a QR code or entering a mobile number seven days a week at any time, revolutionising how Kiwis pay retailers, commercial businesses and reimburse friends. Digital wallet technology will make payments and financial transactions simpler, faster, and more efficient; whether it’s splitting a bar tab with friends or settling up at the bar you order your drinks in.

The Dosh app works with all of NZ’s largest banks including BNZ, ASB, Westpac, ANZ and Kiwibank and is a registered Financial Services Provider, overseen by the Department of Internal Affairs, making it secure and available to all Kiwis aged 13 and over. And it’s safe. Because transactions are instant, you can quite literally see the money has safely made it to your account.

And here’s where Cloudcheck comes in. Dosh needed to ensure they had a secure customer identity verification process which would seamlessly integrate with their platform, without distraction to the service they’ve created, allowing users to join immediately, whilst checking their identities. Cloudcheck was able to provide technical support through their modern APIs, enabling an easy onboarding process for Dosh’s customers and allowing them to be up and running within just seconds of providing their details for verification.

Cloudcheck APIs allow for a direct integration to your existing platform enabling a smooth onboarding process. Dosh can now sign users up and have their details confirmed in just seconds while maintaining a seamless user experience.

Vincent McCartney, Managing Director of Verifi, Cloudcheck commented:

"With Cloudcheck already being utilised by some of NZ’s leading financial institutions, we understood the level of assurance Dosh required & were able to provide an API integration to identify users against government databases, providing both Dosh and their users the confidence they need."


Dosh for Consumers – Making payments instant, secure and easy! Forget the hassle of 16-digit account numbers, or that mate who always makes excuses for the $20 they borrowed a month ago. There’s no excuse with a financial transaction app that makes it as simple and instant as Dosh. With built in payment request options, you can avoid any awkward questions!

Dosh for Business – Customers can pay you more easily than ever before by simply scanning a QR code. With a multitude of marketing functions built into the platform, you can attract more customers to the door. Dosh is completely contactless which makes it perfect for accepting payments under Covid Alert Level restrictions.


About Dosh

Dosh is the open banking payment platform created by Kiwi business partners Shane Marsh and James McEniery. The pair had been living overseas where they were introduced to digital wallets and the ease they brought to day-to-day life. Returning to New Zealand in early 2021, they decided to create their own digital wallet app to launch in NZ. With James an experienced retail marketer and Shane an expert in digital payments & the banking industry, the pair had all the tools required to create a successful, user-friendly open banking platform.


About Verifi Identity Services

Verifi is New Zealand & Australia's leading provider of identity verification for businesses needing to securely identify individuals. Whether you’re a cutting-edge fintech business or a lawyer confirming their customers are who they say they are – Verifi creates solutions through their product Cloudcheck. 

Our innovative platform allows you to confirm your customers are who they say they are, in literally seconds. With access to over 30 databases, MRZ passport checks for every country and continuously monitors over 500,000 news stories daily, we can identify your customers in a multitude of ways depending on your business needs and risk requirements. Whether it’s through biometrics and facial recognition, bank details, or driver licence and passports.

Our easy integration API puts you in control, allowing you to plug our software directly into your existing business processes, and even add your own branding. From customers’ self-verification that frees up your time for money generating activity, to verifying customers directly via their bank account through our partnership with Akahu – Cloudcheck has additional measures that create efficiencies and ease around identity verification, whilst being seamlessly secure and utilising reliable government databases.  

If you’d like more information about how we can onboard your customers securely, in just seconds, contact us today at  or call us at (NZ) 0800 283 743, (AUS) 1300 849 290.