Trailblazer Kiwi company Red Bird, launches BUCK™, powered by Cloudcheck

One of NZ’s newest fintech companies, Red Bird Ventures Ltd, has just launched BUCK - the newest payment app in NZ fintech, and it’s powered by Cloudcheck.

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Red Bird Ventures has launched BUCK, the latest open banking & payment platform to hit the market. With ease of transactions at the forefront of design, BUCK will allow you to send and receive money straight from your phone based simply on a user handle, enabling you to pay anyone securely and easily. Think payments to everyone, from the friends you need to split a bill with, to the flatmates you need to pay back for last week’s drinks. Sending people money has never been so easy.

With no hidden fees, due to investment in Akahu, the open finance & consumer data sharing platform that allows you to connect straight to your bank, BUCK is completely FREE to send, receive or split money with anyone you want.

But what else does a person-to-person payment system need for its users?

A secure, swift, and scalable verification platform working smoothly in the background to ensure consumers are verified immediately and their data is safe.

That’s where Cloudcheck come in. Red Bird, has partnered with Verifi Identity Services to implement their Cloudcheck service to ensure their onboarding is just as prompt as their desirable payment system and has no distraction from their seamless design.

Verified in just seconds, through Cloudcheck’s industry leading self-verification services, Cloudcheck Go & Cloudcheck Live – You’ll have an account set up in seconds and be ready to send or receive funds.

Cloudcheck Go is designed to take you (the business) out of the equation, and allow customers to verify themselves, in their own time. By simply sending the customer an SMS, Email, Link, or in BUCK’s case, an API redirect, the user is transported to a branded Cloudcheck page to perform their self-verification.

Where they’ll reach Cloudcheck Live – providing easy direction as to how to self-verify, ensuring the process is doable for even those that don’t consider themselves to be tech-savvy. Individuals are walked through how to capture an image of their ID, whether a driver licence or passport. Data is then extracted via OCR (optical character recognition); if a passport is used for identification, MRZ checks will also take place, and pre-filled onto a data entry form for the customer to confirm and submit for verification. Cloudcheck incorporates measures to protect against tampering and fraudulent documents – ensuring BUCK’s customers, are who they say they are. And all, within just seconds.

Vincent McCartney, Managing Director of Verifi Identity Services, Cloudcheck, commented;

"We are excited to be partnered with Red Bird Ventures on their Fintech journey – we understand how crucial it is for their identity verification system to have little impact on the overall customer experience – we’ve been able to provide a united integration that allows users to verify themselves immediately.''

With an unrivalled onboarding system from Cloudcheck allowing users to sign up without hesitation, an easy and secure payment system provided by BUCK, and a waiting list already gaining significant transaction, BUCK is nothing less than a trailblazer leading the way in the payment industry.  

About Red Bird Ventures

Red Bird Ventures is a subsidiary of Westpac New Zealand Limited, established to invest in strategically aligned FinTech and adjacent businesses, creating long term relationships which benefit from the investment of a major New Zealand bank. In 2020, Red Bird Ventures invested in Akahu, the open finance platform, an enabler of easy transactions between you and your bank, through apps such as BUCK.

Made up of a team of experienced individuals with backgrounds in start-ups, venture capital, FinTech, technology, banking, legal and compliance, they are investing in the future of ease for Kiwi’s across New Zealand.

Join the BUCK waiting list, and experience the ease of Cloudcheck today – (

About Verifi Identity Services

Verifi are New Zealand & Australia's leading provider of Identity Verification for professional industries, for AML & CFT compliance – with their product Cloudcheck. 

Our innovative platform allows you to confirm your clients are who they say they are, in literally seconds. With access to over 30 databases, MRZ passport checks for every country and continuously monitoring over 500,000 news stories daily, we can identify your clients in a multitude of ways depending on your business needs and risk requirements. Whether it’s through biometrics and facial recognition, bank details, or driver license and passports.

Our easy integration API, puts you in control, allowing you to plug our software directly into your existing business processes, and even add your own branding. From client self-verification, that frees up your time for money generating activity, to verifying clients directly via their bank account through our partnership with Akahu – Cloudcheck has additional measures that create efficiencies and ease around identity verification. Whilst being seamlessly secure and utilising reliable, government databases.  

If you’d like more information about how we can onboard your clients, securely, in just seconds, contact us today at or call us at (NZ) 0800 283 743, (AUS) 1300 849 290.