Cloudcheck Bring on Dosh

When Shane Marsh and James McEniery returned from several years living in Singapore to find digital wallet technology did not yet exist in New Zealand, they decided to introduce it themselves.

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Dosh, New Zealand’s first digital wallet and the newest development in the NZ digital transactions & fintech space, has partnered with Cloudcheck to offer technical support and help change the way Kiwis make and receive daily payments.

With Dosh, instant payments can be made by scanning a QR code or mobile number seven days a week at any time, revolutionising how Kiwis pay retailers, commercial businesses and reimburse friends. Digital wallet technology has taken the global payments industry by storm; over 36 countries already use similar systems to make everyday financial transactions simpler, faster and more efficient.

Founders Shane Marsh and James McEniery are experts in their fields and have implemented their strong industry backgrounds to create a dynamic application that will serve Kiwis for years to come. They needed an identity verification company with a strong knowledge of customer due diligence to create a smooth, efficient onboarding process. One that would take the hassle out of verifying clients in the most secure way possible. Enter Cloudcheck.

Cloudcheck API is a direct integration to your existing platform enabling a smooth onboarding process. Dosh can now sign users up and have their details confirmed in just seconds while retaining a seamless user experience.

Shane commented; 

''For us it was the ease of the system which will directly impact our users, alongside the thorough industry knowledge Cloudcheck has.They really do know CDD (customer due diligence) inside out and have given us complete confidence in their product to serve our clients.''

So, what does this mean for businesses?

Giving customers the opportunity to pay simply and instantly with the Dosh digital wallet app means they are more likely to make frequent purchases. Moreover, the app offers a multitude of marketing features for merchants, which can be sent directly to a target audience. Dosh will be a timely addition to the evolving digital payments environment in NZ as consumers look for easier, more convenient ways to make everyday purchases. You only have to look at the success of Afterpay to see how consumers can quickly adjust their habits.

Which businesses will it work for?

Dosh works for any business (yes, we mean any). Whether you’re a tradesperson, large commercial restaurant chain or stall-holder at a weekly farmers’ market, Dosh allows you to pay and receive money instantly, seven days a week. No more exorbitant fees, no more waiting for funds to show up in your bank account.

At Cloudcheck, we are passionate about working with up-and-coming companies that positively impact the day-to-day lives of Kiwis. As we continue to develop industry technology, working with companies that carry a similar business ethos is always rewarding. We recognise how instrumental the fintech sector is in making daily habits easier, faster and more convenient. Something we continuously strive to achieve for our clients too.

Dosh is due to launch in October, and you too can join the digital revolution by signing up to the wait list here – The Smart Way To Pay (

For more information on Cloudcheck API and how you can easily integrate identity verification seamlessly into your platform, try a Free Two-week Trial or enquire by calling us (NZ) 0800 283743, (AUS) 1300 849 290 or email us at .