TIC Co. choose Cloudcheck for second year running due to; ''Culturally aligned stances on how to treat people’s data.''

When looking for an AML/CFT identity verification provider to meet your compliance needs, there is a wide range of factors to take into account, with a main consideration for most companies being cost. However, for the Trust, Integrity & Compliance Company (TIC Co.) although cost is a consideration their key priority is that they align with other providers in the industry that support best practice.

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TIC Co. are providers of outsource AML/CFT services that utilises Cloudcheck's technology to support the electronic verification of individuals. 

Alice Tregunna, CEO of TIC Co. commented,

''For us, it doesn’t come down to the cost (though Cloudcheck is great value); Cloudcheck is so much more client focused than other providers, alongside ease of use and being simple to integrate with our own processes – they respect client data and dispose of all verifications every 7 days.''

At Cloudcheck, we understand AML/CFT compliance needs to be a seamless transition between your platform and ours, whether you choose to use Cloudcheck Direct (a standalone web-portal) or Cloudcheck API (a direct integration to your existing systems), so not to distract from you already streamlined service.

One of our primary concerns, and responsibilities of being an AML/CFT compliance service provider, is looking after the data of the customers we verify. Our processing of data following the verification completion is outlined by our company ethos, to ensure customer security against fraud and in turn, being trustworthy and accountable to the individuals’ data we hold. By ensuring that we dispose of this accordingly, and respect the privacy of their data, meaning we won’t store any personally identifiable data after a 7-day period.

Alice went on to add;

''Reporting on Cloudcheck also brings massive benefit, it’s so easy for us to see an exact break down of what services are most used by our clients and what we’ve billed them for.''

Clarity on exactly which type of service your customers have used, and how much this is costing, makes it easier for you to measure which services are of best value to you.

That is why our reporting is simplified and broken down directly into categories of each verification type used, how many requests we have processed, and then calculated as a total – making it easy for you to see exactly what you’re paying for, and which services are used most. Further allowing you to adjust the services you take from us following.

We asked Alice, since joining Cloudcheck, what else have you found beneficial?

Alice explained;

''They really took the time to understand what we needed at TIC Co. and that was the main focus, instead of just pushing what would make them the most money.''

''Using Cloudcheck has also allowed us to cut our customer onboarding time by three quarters; what used to be a lengthy 20-minute process can be achieved in literally three to five minutes maximum now.''

We aim to meet the needs of customers, instead of customers meeting the needs of our margins. That is why we have strict a ''No minimum database requirement'' rule. We only charge you for the data you use, and if you don’t use it, we won’t charge you. There are no set number of databases required in order to use our services.

Cloudcheck works by creating tailored packages that suit your verification requirements, whether you are carrying our 5 or 500 verifications a month.

If you would like to cut your customer onboarding time by three quarters like TIC Co., enquire about Cloudcheck services today, email us at sales@verifidentity.com or call us on (NZ) 0800 283743, (AUS) 1300 849 290