Why You Should Be Electronically Verifying Your Customers Identity

There’s a vast number of industries that need to meet their clients face to face to verify them, but what limitations does this make for business? What industries are still relying on these practises just because ‘’that’s how it’s always been done’’? Are you trapped in old ideas simply because you haven’t explored the new ones?

Here, we take a look at why businesses should be electronically verifying their client’s identity as a first point of call and/or alongside meeting their clients face to face as a secondary option, if at all.

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Provides Greater Client Reach

There’s a whole scope of potential customers that live outside of your 10km radius!

Having to meet clients in person is not only time consuming (We all know how often a meeting runs over…) but it also limits you to only being able to accept clients in your immediate radius so that they can physically come in and be verified.

But if you didn’t have to meet new customers in person, you could accept clients from anywhere, opening up opportunity for a vast range of customer you would never approach before (and who wouldn’t normally approach you). Forget being limited to a 10km radius you are used to serving, by adopting electronic verification, you are opening your business up to the wider audience, beyond your immediate neighbouring suburbs.

Online Tools Are Time Saving

(Which means more time for revenue-generating activity)

How much time do you waste going back and forth with a customer to let them know they’ve sent you the wrong documents or the photo of their ID isn’t clear enough.

Online electronic identity verification software allows you to forget about the constant emails and rely on the client verifying themselves, via a secure link or portal. They will only pass the check once they have provided all the required information (so no excuses for forgetting necessary documents!) and they will even be directed on how to take the pictures of their ID document and a selfie, if it’s not clear enough they’ll be prompted to retake the picture.

Moving this process online makes it simple and hassle free, for you and your customer.

If You Still Want To Meet In Person – Electronic Verification Is An Extra Layer of Protection

If you verify your clients in person, you are relying on your team to confirm this person is who they say they are. But we are all human, and occasionally (or more often than we’d like to admit...) we make mistakes. But mistakes in identity verification and CDD (customer due diligence) can cost a corporation massively.

Electronic verification can act as an extra layer of protection, by cross referencing a real-time database that verifies your customers in seconds, alongside keeping the meet and greet of human interaction that your business has always had. After all, verifying your customers twice is safer than verifying them once.

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